Girl Dog Names – (500+) New And Unique Female Dog Names In The World.


I guess you here because a cute female dog is about to join the family soon, maybe she has already arrived and you are looking for the most awesome name ever,  well, you are at the right place because this is the most comprehensive girl dog names guide in the world, no kidding.

Choosing a name for your girl dog could be challenging, a lot of factors are considered; what breed is she? What is her personality? etc, The best thing about naming your pooch is that you can decide to be creative about it but sometime it could be difficult coming up with a name off the bat, so we decided to save you the time.

Here are the best girl dog names divided into simple categories. But be sure to choose a name you and your dog would love, so be relaxed, do not be in a hurry, sleep over a few picks, ask friends and family their opinion, I am sure you will come up with something perfect. Dig In

PS : A one or two syllable name would be best for easy pronunciation and short enough to get your dog’s attention.

Girl Dog Names

There are so many awesome Female dog names at your disposal and choosing the perfect one is easy, at least it was for me.

I named my girl dog “Maya” after the author of my favourite quote (There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you Maya Angelou).

You could also decide to go with names of your role model, brand, favorite TV show/movie, favourite, athlete….that inspire you. Here are a few female dog names by categories :

Names For Girl Dogs (Tough Female Super-heroes)

Honoring your best comic or Tv super-hero can give the best list of tough female dog names,

“I used to have a pooch i named Xena (blessed memory) she was the toughest paw i have ever owned

Sometimes i felt her name didn’t compliment her enough. She was more like a street fighter, always looking for trouble LOL”

Well, here are a few tough girl dog names:

Xena Namora wasp 
Tempest Tarrot Zatanna
sansa Tiga    Elektra
Shi     Skyla   Donna  
arya Diana Niki   
Mera     Emma kitty 
pantha   Storm   Wiz
Mulan vera shana

Star Girl Dog Names (Sports)


Is your dog a star? Well, mine is, not sure about yours. These are the best girl dog names you can choose from because these women are the best in their respective field of sports.

Here are a few star female dog names:

 Kerri   volley ball
 Laura  Cyclist
 Jo  runner
 Katy  rugby
Jordanne tennis
Susie test driver
Serena Tennis
Allyson athlete
Kayla  Judo
Jordine  gymnast
 Kyla  gymnast
 Mckayla  gymnast
 Venus  tennis
 Nastia  gymnast
 Gabby  Gymnast
 Missy  swimmer
 Abby  soccer
 Annie soccer
 Maria  tennis
Misty  volleyball

Ugly Female Dog Names

The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest is an annual contest held in Petaluma, California, as part of the Sonoma-Marin Fair, to decide which of the dog entered in the contest is the ugliest.

Here are a few girl dog names of the world’s ugliest dog contest winners:

Lady pink    
Princess abby

Dog Names Girl “Animal Inspired”

The list below shows unusual female dog names inspired by other animals.

“Looking for a name that will turn heads?  Does you dog portray certain characteristics found in other animals?

Here are the most uncommon girl dog names :

Faline Latin name meaning ‘catlike.
Leona meaning ‘lioness’
Tora Japanese name for Tiger
Birdie bird
Yara Yara is a butterfly name especially favoured by the Hispanic community
Salmon Fish
Poe a literary name that means peacock
Pike  Fish
Panda  bear

Unique Girl Dog Names

Choosing a unique girl dog name is alway challenging because you want your dog to “stand out”  So you would want to go with a non-traditional name.

I have seen a dog called “Concentrate”, no kidding, I had a good laugh when i first heard the name but the truth is that the name stuck to my head over the years, i don’t think i can forget that name.

You could decide to go with names of cities, groups, colours, brands, countries or continents etc, you could also pair words together and come up with a name that is peculiar and unique to your dog.

Here are a few unique girl dog names :

amber goldie payton
armani cherry chleo
clare china luna
zaire binx blue
india chelsea pink
asia zambi amber
paris jersey sandy
nila lotus kenya
vera tiffany Isis
carson pia ivy

Cool Female Dog Names

These list of girl dog names are “trendy and popular, they are never out of style.

Here are a few cool female dog names :

princess dallas gypsy
kora silk molly
lexi lady banky
daisy luna molly
fendi nikki izy
baby dollar ruppe
skyla fido bella
iris quinn pati
gigi mia lola
Jil hedi poppy
siri muffin kylie
roxies zuzu taffy
coco pixi fiona
diamond lila pinco


Names For Female Dog “Fruit Inspired”

Your favourite fruit could be a source of inspiration when naming your female dog,

fruit inspired dog names are rare but what the heck who say you can’t use them.

Here are a few :  Crispin, Berry, Peach/Peaches, Muffin, Olive etc

Cute Girl Dog Names

These days everywhere i go i see cute girl dogs and i am like where do they adopt them?

Cute girl dog names are very easy to coin because the second you see a cute dog, you are like “awww” honey how are you? And there you go, you have a name already (Honey)

Here are a few cute female dog names :

julez kiki maggie
lucy zinni crispy
mortie delphi porche
linx tia zona
pepsi zuri may
rocket chevi summer
fluffy zoe whoopi
ami nike sansa
bubble frida buffy
cardi yuna turfy
polly frida foxy
fifi shizzi sansa
moxie becky oma
polly pizza diva

Funny Girl Dog Names

Sometimes you could choose a fun name for your girl dog instead of a traditional name and it could work if everybody in the family like it.

Here are a few funny girl dog names :

squirt fuzzball popper
hobbit scrappy racer
smiley tootsie scrapper
scooby tiny turbo
shortie tabby tater
sweet shortcake poppet
munchy punky boop
jazzy kiddo smoochie
yoko chikky concentrate

Female Dog Names “Drinks Inspired”

Now this is another set of very unusual and unique female dog names you can call your pup. So, if you are thinking outside the box and want to have fun with your dog, you can give it names of this sort.

sherry crystal beer
rum tiki vodka
brandy martin whiskey

Girl Dog Names “Celebrity Inspired”

Now this is another set of very unusual and cool girl dog names you can call your pup. So, If you are a fan of these celebrities or you want something catchy, you can give it names of this sort.

whoopi puffy shasha
tisha xtina koko
maya snookie miley

More Trending And Cute Girl Dog Names

Not satisfied? here are more female dog names for your pleasure.

bea greta gracie
lettie josie gwen
drea dree dru
edie eliza ellie
evie florrie francie
gigi gina ginny
frankie franny fritzie
becca billie bree
cleo carrie cammie
connie dee della
Libby Lil lilly
liv livia lottie
lou lulu maggie
maisie mamie mandy
millie minnie mitzi
mo molly nell
nellie nessa penny

Important Tips For Finalizing Your Dog Name

Spend time getting to know your dog. A Female dog will demand more attention compared to male dogs Thus, it is important that you pay attention to character and behaviour of your dog before choosing a name

You should keep the following things in mind before you choose a name for your pup:

1. Acceptance:

In trying to make your dog’s name unique and different, don’t make it difficult for him/her to understand. Also the name should be loved and accepted by members of the family

2. Do not complicate it:

Altering the chosen name into a different name may confuse your dog, ie do not give your dog a nickname when he/she already has a name.

3. Keep it simple

It is important that the name you have chosen is easy to pronounce and palatable to the ears. Like i mentioned earlier, it’s preferable to make it a one or two syllable word.

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Conclusion: I hope you were able to make a choice, let us know which name you decided to go with in the comments section, I hope you had fun going through our list of girl dog

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